Welcome to the 1st CGN GAME JAM!

SAVE THE DATE – FEB 05-07 2021             WORLDWIDE & ONLINE 

WANTED: Programmers, game designers, and creative minds! 

Are you convinced that games can tackle the big issues of our time and that play is THE way to learn all day? Do you believe that complex topics such as data protection, privacy, online security and information literacy can be presented more easily, innovatively and entertainingly as an immersive experience? Be a part of the 1st CGN GAME JAM!

The 1st CGN GAME JAM is your opportunity to create, test and talk about games in a laid back and relaxed setting (and to do something good for the youth and share your digital skills along the way). It’s a 3 day online Game Jam for digital experts, programmers and game designers but also for everybody who simply wants to build games. All sorts of games are allowed, e.g. video games, card games, etc. We hope you’ll join us to share your creative ideas around the set theme and most of all – have fun! 

You can join us on Discord. You can register here.
Check out our schedule here. Upload your games on itch.io.

Hint: Your game ideas will not only be entertaining but might also be helpful for the digital development of teenagers and young adults!