Details & Rules

The event communication will be done over Discord, you can join our server here. Feel free to ask us questions there!

CGN GAME JAM: Games for Consciousness A-DigiKomp

So, why are we talking about data protection, privacy, online security and information literacy?

IT security affects each and every one of us

The CGN GAME JAM – Games for Consciousness will be an important part of the research project A-DigiKomp, funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Cyber-attacks, identity theft, spam, scam, data loss, fake news and other digital threats are a daily reality affecting everyone from young to old – especially those who tend to be less confident using the Internet. 

Especially for young people, privacy is not a luxury, but a necessity

Many teenagers and young adults (adolescents) hardly protect their private data when they use the internet, social networks or apps. At the same time, young people often do not attach great importance to data security and therefore take the risk of (unconscious) data misuse. A lack of knowledge and skills could play a role.

As part of the project A-DigiKomp, a digital assistant is being developed to increase the digital competence and awareness of adolescents through different types of micro games. The games will be designed to acquire skills and competencies through playful elements, taking into account the individual needs and abilities of young adults. The target group itself is already involved in the development process via focus groups.

Now it’s your turn!

Become part of the 1st CGN Game Jam and help us create the best digital assistant possible for digital consciousness. Our project requires the knowledge and innovative powers of creative minds like you. The CGN Game Jam will stimulate collaboration and is not a competition. Your ideas will be included into the developmental process of the digital assistant. They will therefore not only be entertaining (we’re sure they will!) but also supportive for a safer, more independent and more responsible use of digital technologies. 

Become part of the CGN Game Jam and help advance applied research in the field of digitization!

Game Jam Food:

Despite not being able to meet in person to develop games, we know that socializing over a good pizza (or sushi, or schnitzel, …) is an extremely important part of any game jam. That’s why there will be pizza – at home! Stay tuned for details!

Game Jam Rules:

  • All sorts of games are allowed, eg. video games, board games, card games, etc.
  • You can work in a group (preferred) or alone.
  • Your game must fit the topic.
  • You can use pre-existing code, like libraries or code samples.
  • You can use external tools like Tiled or Spine 2D.
  • Do not re-skin an already existing game or prototype!
  • You must publish the source of your game, e.g. to GitHub.
  • Your art, sound, and music must be licensed under Creative Commons or any other free and open-source license.
  • You must submit your game to the Jam page before the deadline so don’t miss it.